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Dating for 3 months christmas gift

What do you buy someone you're newly dating for Christmas?

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You should both be able to clear some space for each other somewhere, or even combine a few events. Everyone has different Christmas traditions and places to go. You can start the conversation of who is going to whose for Christmas and Boxing Day further down the line.

That, my friends, is the ultimate Christmas dating question. I arrived at their house a week before the big day to find him dressed as a reindeer with a thoughtful gift tucked under a tree laden with so many decorations, it had to be propped against a wall to stop it thundering to the ground. If you have been dating for a couple of months, have a conversation with them and ask.

If the former, go ahead and invite them.

With the magic of Christmas twinkling at you from doorways and the If you've been dating for three months or more however, don't take any. If you've only been dating for 3 months there's question of how much should you spend and how much effort you should give the gift giving.

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