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Speed dating style interview questions

Speed Dating Tips! Unique Questions to Ask During a Speed Date

Hiring managers often need to fill gaps speed dating style interview questions in their organizations, and human resource departments have reacted to this need by using the speed interview technique. The swiftness of this process not only involves the initial job interview itself, but also typically results in an immediate decision to bring the candidate back for a second interview.

Job applicants also benefit from this process, since speed interviews are frequently held with speed dating style interview questions hiring companies during the same session. Meeting Structure Speed interview sessions are usually held during career fairs or during college recruitment events such as career days.

Recruiters may also choose to conduct telephone interviews as part of a pre-screening process. Depending on the size of the event, the number of participating companies can range from a dozen recruiters to over Hiring companies can expect to interview over job candidates in a single day. The total length of the interview will only be 5 to 15 minutes in length, and candidates can expect the interview questions to be challenging.

Even more so than traditional interviews, speed interviewing favors extroverted candidates since there is very little time for introverts to gain the comfort they normally need to communicate effectively with strangers.

Speed dating and video interviewing aren’t as unrelated as you might think. For example, one-way video interviews, where candidates record video answers to interview questions on their own time, can be like speed dates for meeting candidates.

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